Central Illinois Bank

Brett Decker, CFO

“I recently needed to replace some funds and didn’t want to tie up any of my collateral so I purchased some funds from Charity Deposits Corp. and I was amazed how easy it was. With just one phone call and one form to fill out, the funds were deposited in 2 days. It was just that simple! I have also known the CDC team for many years and trust their expertise when it comes to wholesale funding. I would recommend Charity Deposits Corp. to any community bank that is in need of funds.”



The Bank of Perry

Kelly Hillis, President/CEO

“We have done business with Bruce Hinkle since 2000 and Charity Deposits Corp. since 2006. Bruce’s expertise along with CDC has been a great help to us in providing simple cost-effective funding options for our bank. We wanted a portion of our wholesale deposits to be subject to overnight repricing. This program allows us to better manage our interest rate risk."


Hampshire First Bank

Thomas Wiggins

“Hampshire First Bank is pleased with the service and funding we have received from CDC. CDC has delivered just the right amount of deposits when we needed them at a cost that is reasonable.”


Pinnacle Bank

Tommy Warren

“We have been very pleased with our relationship with CDC.  They have provided exactly what they promised on Day 1:  stable cost-effective money market deposits.  I have been able to retain the amount that I needed with very little volatility.  When I had a period of time with excess liquidity, I was able return the funds with little notice.  The relationship has been all I could have wanted.  I would recommend everyone consider CDC as part of their liquidity plan.”


Oldtown Bank

Charles Umberger

Charity Deposits Corp. provides a very efficient funding solution, the program is easy to implement and it is easy to execute transactions. We have been very happy with the solution they provide, and the helpful attitude of the people who work with us!


Missouri Bank

Jack Kammerer

We have been utilizing CDC's Target Account, which is a great alternative to my Fed Funds Sold options. They maintain consistent contact with me and provide regular capacity updates. We have found this to be a very useful and successful program!


First Choice Community Bank

Kathy Hulsey

The folks at CDC provide excellent service and the process is very simple. We participate in their Target Account and Funding program, it is great because they offer money market accounts which provide the flexibility that we need – we do not have to commit to fixed terms. We also like it that there are no fixed fees; everything is based on rate whether you are buying or selling. It is very easy to set up the accounts and they are low maintenance! 


The Brand Banking Company

Johannes Palsson

We have known the folks at CDC for years and find that their knowledge on the different markets is very helpful. We purchase funds to help us lower our cost of funds; our local markets are very competitive. 


Orrstown Bank

Bradley Everly

We enjoy working with the CDC team; they provide great customer service and are always available if I need anything. We are currently using their Funding program, which has been a great resource for our bank. 


Allied First Bank

Kenneth Bertrand

MMAX is a great solution for our retail and commercial customers who want extra FDIC insurance with their large accounts. We have several customers who participate in MMAX and this allows us to maintain and grow our customer base. Consumers want safety and insurance and this program works!


Chattahoochee Bank of Georgia

Tom Healan

We have been using CDC's Target Account and it is a great solution that includes a great rate!  So now I am receiving a better rate with less risk.  The best of both worlds.