Growing new and expanding existing relationships is an essential part of banking. 

Whether you are looking to grow your deposit base or trying to create strong local relationships that enhance your standing in the community, CDC wants to help.

CDC has a new way to support philanthropically endevors and for business enterprises to work together.

With a dedicated support staff, CDC helps banks and non-profits achieve their missions by providing innovative solutions.

  1. CDC can help nonprofits build relationships with local community banks in order to generate more awareness of the charity in the local community and to gain better greater access to new sources of donations.
  2. CDC can assist in expanding volunteer involvement with non-profits by helping your bank enhance its community image and reach your community awareness and community service goals.

CDC works with Charity Services Centers,PA (CSC) to support non-profits around the country but what makes our organizations different is our desire to bring local community banks closer to the non-profits in their communities. Our Charitable Donation Program helps create a win-win for all involved. The program allows us to provide an additonal donation source to local non-profits. CSC opens a law firm trust accounts, which allows us to provide donations based on account balances to those non-profits. In-addition our stable deposit base is a welcome opportunity for banks to know they have a consistent bank relationship. 

Key Benefits to banks:

  1. Helping the communities you serve without using bank funds
  2. Promote your support for local non-profits by building on your brand recognition