KPN Consulting, LLC is an organization designed to provide marketing assistance to clients interested in providing products/services to the banking industry. We work with our clients on marketing strategies involving the use of both trade association and regulator channels and assist our clients in identifying those influencers of importance to their particular marketing effort. We also work to ensure these programs provide access to the particular marketplace desired and use our educational outreach program to this end.

KPN Consulting also works directly with banks interested in enhancing their ALCO Process. Our objective is to ensure our clients are prepared for what promises to be a more rigorous review of ALCO Polices and Procedures in the future. We also assist banks that have received Consent Orders navigate through the process of working with regulators to ensure they are following the correct policies and procedures. Finally, we work directly with bank trade and regulatory bodies to provide high quality workshops on the topics of Funding, the ALCO Process, and Liquidity Management.


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