About Us

CDC was founded May 1, 2000 in Miami, Florida to create a system for investors to make large deposits within a network of participating FDIC-insured banks through a single transaction. Over the years we realized the unique opportunities community based banks have with their local non-profits.  So we decided to create a program for community banks to attract and maintain long term relationships. Our focus has been on developing and strengthening relationships with institutional clients by creating links to non-profit organizations in the communities that a bank serves.   On behalf of your financial institution, CDC coordinates community support to ensure that deposits gained through the program are stable and reliable.

Through our Internet-accessible transaction structure, CDC solves the logistical and administrative challenges associated with depositing large sums of money in multiple banks. This structure maintains full FDIC insurance on all deposits while offering a high degree of liquidity for investors. All of our programs are supported by a legal opinion directly from the FDIC representing that our structure provides the safety of FDIC insurance since there is “pass through” directly to all investors when they use Charity Deposit Corp. Network®. Today, CDC works with hundreds of banks and manages more than $1.7 billion in assets. We have achieved this success by structuring our programs to provide benefits to investors, banks, and non-profits.